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Cyber Security
Mitigating the threat to the public sector

Cyber-crime continues to rise in scale and complexity, placing public sector data at increasing risk from cybercriminals.

In the news recently, the hostile cyber-attack on the Electoral Commission accessed the data of 40 million voters, went undetected for over a year and compromised email systems during that time.

The UK’s National Crime Agency estimates cyber-crime costs the UK billions of pounds, causes untold damage and threatens national security.

With cyber-attacks wide-ranging, essential public services and related data require sophisticated protection. New approaches are needed.

Join us live online at 10am on 2nd November for Cyber Security: Mitigating the threat to the public sector. The latest CTB365 webinar will discuss where the threats are coming from and the latest strategies to keep ahead of the cybercriminals.
The Security Institute - CPD accreditation

Our partnership with the Security Institute, all CTB365 events are CPD-Accredited – meaning that you will earn DOUBLE CPD points for attending.

Join us for what promises to be an informative online event with Peer Chat, Live Polls, Interactive Q&A and more.