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Cyber Security: Agenda

Session 1

10:00 Welcome
Philip Ingram MBE - Counter Terror expert
10.10 Internet infrastructure security - the current risks
Mike Gillespie, Independent Consultant, Association of Security Consultants
10.20 Turning mitigation into value add for business
Naveed Saeed, Cyber Security Specialist, The Security Institute/Demystify Security
10.30 Poll
10.35 How can government officials stay protected against ‘hack-for-hire’ cybercriminal gangs?
Tom Kidwell, Co-Founder, Ecliptic Dynamics//UK Government intelligence specialist/ internet infrastructure security professional/former British Army
10.45 Empowering Public Sector Governance through Offensive Security: Revealing the benefits
Oluwafemi Falobi (Femi), Cyber Security Ethical Hacker & Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton
11.05 Poll / Panel Discussion
Featuring Mike Gillespie, Naveed Saeed, Tom Kidwell and Haroon Malik (Event Director, UK Cyber Week)

Speakers and timings are subject to change