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Session 1

Personnel & Physical Security – the first layer of protection

10:00 Welcome
10.05 Opening address: Is UK business winning against the threat of international terrorism?
Philip Ingram MBE, Counter Terror expert
10.13 Deter, Detect, Delay; the Security Officers role in protecting the public
Rick Mounfield, Chief Executive, The Security Institute
10.21 Cyber Security 2: Is the UK's critical national infrastructure more vulnerable to cyber-attack or physical attack?
Richard Huison, Regional Manager for UK & Europe, Gallagher Security
10.32 Q&A Session

Session 2

Biometrics, IoT and a Brave New World of integrated security

10.45 Introduction to Session 2
10.47 The role of biometric solutions in protecting infrastructure
John Spencer, CEO, Veridium
10.55 Information Security: The Internet of Forgotten Things - managing vulnerabilities in a digitised world
Andy Jones, Distinguished Analyst, Information Security Forum
11.03 Lead sponsor presentation

Session 3

Predictive Cyber Defence – What we can learn from building resilience

11.12 Introduction to Session 3
11.14 Cyber Security 2: How can we ensure that prediction, prevention, and detection are given equal footing in a cyber plan?
Neil Sinclair, National Cyber Lead, Police Digital Security Centre
11.21 Digital Resilience: Learning lessons in digital resilience
Rob Earl, CTO - CIP The Cryptography Governance / PKI experts – pre/post Quantum security
11.31 Q&A Session
11.45 Round-up
11.50 Event Close
Speakers and timings are subject to change