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Headline Sponsor
We are proud to fund and support the ProtectUK project. This initiative represents a substantial part of our £25 million commitment into counterterrorism research and development. This and other partnerships and initiatives from international collaboration to innovations in coverage are at the heart of our mission: to underpin the financial implications of terrorism, and in so doing, improve the UK’s resilience if the worst should happen.


ABACUS is a well-proven people counting and occupancy management solution from Visual Management Systems Ltd.  It is a highly-accurate system to record, analyse and report visitor footfall – to improve marketing planning, grow and enhance your visitors’ experience and help ensure safety.  Used in large venues including stadiums, concert halls, retail, museums, galleries and education campuses, ABACUS is quick and easy to install, operate and scale as your visitor footfall grows.


Milford – Offering Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) for Liveable Cities

Design-Led Safe Urban Spaces
We provide state-of-the art, certified solutions for aesthetic and site-specific Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)

Discreet Protection through Customised Design
Physical security is an essential part of everyday life in cities. We aim to combine this function in pursuit of creating attractive urban spaces: liveable and safe.