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Philip Ingram MBE

Journalist – Security & Intelligence Specialist
Philip Ingram MBE BSc MA GCLI is a widely published journalist, specialising in the security and intelligence arenas, who has built on a long and senior career in British Military Intelligence, with years of experience in all aspects of intelligence and security as well as strategic planning.

Hanif Qadir

Author Consultant/Adviser - Derad/rehab of terrorist offenders
Hanif describes himself as not one to mince his words and he certainly has the goods to back this up. Hanif founded The Active Change Foundation - a charity set up to counter violent extremism and prevent gang crime - and was the Foundation’s CEO. He is now consultant and advisor on P/CVE work to deradicalise and rehabilitate terrorist offenders. 

Jesse Morton

Former Jihadi Extremist & Executive Officer, Parallel Networks
Jesse Morton was once a prominent jihadi extremist and founded Revolution Muslim, a New York City-based recruiter group active in the noughties. After serving a prison sentence for terrorist activity, he assumed his current role as executive director at Parallel Networks, a US-based non-profit dedicated to combating violent extremism. 

Mubin Shaikh

Professor, School of Public Safety - Seneca College & NGO Counter Extremism Specialist
Mubin Shaikh is a former supporter of the global Jihadist culture who became an undercover operative for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET).

Liam Duffy

Advisor, Counter Extremism Project
Liam Duffy is a strategic advisor for the Counter Extremism Project based in the United Kingdom. Liam previously delivered the British government's Prevent Strategy – the prevention strand of the overall Counter-Terrorism policy – in London, and was Director of SINCE 9/11, a UK educational charity teaching about the September 11th terror attacks and their impact.

Matt Dryden

Research Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, Centre on Radicalisation and Terrorism, Former PREVENT Officer
Matthew Dryden is an experienced practitioner in preventing and countering violent extremism, having worked at strategic and operational levels on UK government PREVENT and CHANNEL programmes, and at the pan-European level on radicalisation prevention. Matt holds a BSc in Criminology, PGCert in Investigating Vulnerability Crime, MSc in Counter-Terrorism, and is currently completing a PhD in Terrorism Studies.

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