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Richard Gill

Richard Gill

The UK Drone Association / CEO of Drone Defence
Richard Gill is an accomplished record-breaking and award-winning technology innovator, entrepreneur, drone expert, public speaker and commercial industry professional.

Richard’s former life as an officer in the British Armed Forces brought exposure to the benefits of Drones in operational theatres around the world, whilst also highlighting some of the challenges.

Finding solutions is his game. Disruption is his strategy. Innovation is his mindset. Richard’s insights bring understanding, value, security, peace of mind, situational awareness and create growth for government, industries, and organisations.

A commercial drone entrepreneur and executive leader with years of strategic and tactical success in technology-based enterprises and initiatives with unparalleled technological innovation, Richard has provided a legacy of mission-critical and world-class counter drone solutions across government, business and industry.

Richard is an active member of ARPAS-UK and the founder and CEO of Drone Defence, a Nottinghamshire based business offering the latest technology, techniques, and procedures to help organisations protect themselves from the harmful use of drone technology.