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Drones & Counter Drone technology
Responding to the threat level

The widespread availability of affordable but highly capable drones/ Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) presents a new set of security challenges. Whether the operator is a negligent enthusiast or an individual intent on an act of terrorism, an undetected drone can pose a significant safety or security threat. From Critical National Infrastructure to large-scale public venues such as sports arenas or transport hubs like airports, drone detection and countermeasure systems now play a major role in national security and the fight against terrorism.

In conflict zones, the prolific use of drones for intelligence gathering, identification of targets and active use, for both offensive and defensive actions, have redefined the very nature of war – as is becoming apparent in the invasion of Ukraine. It could yet be the greatest influence on the outcome of the conflict.

On 19th July, the CTB365 webinar on Drone & Counter-Drone Technology looks at the increasing use of drones by malicious actors and how counter-drone technology has had to evolve so that responses are proportionate to both the threat level and the environment.

So, why should YOU attend?

  • To get the inside track from industry experts.  

  • Have your questions answered and to learn the current thinking.  

  • To gain a better understanding of how Counter Drone Technology can protect Critical National Infrastructure.

The Security Institute - CPD accreditation

Also, because of our partnership with the Security Institute, all CTB365 events are CPD-Accredited – meaning that you will earn DOUBLE CPD points for attending!

Please register for this influential gathering of experts, online, to further your knowledge and to engage with the leaders in the field.

Join us for what promises to be an informative online event of industry Thought Leaders, with Peer Chat, Live Polls, Interactive Q&A and Download Centre.