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Delivering key strategies to combat terrorism... online

In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the decision to repurpose all Counter Terror Business events and broadcast them online, under our new platform - Counter Terror Business 365 (CTB365).

Moving forward, CTB365 will become a permanent component in the Counter Terror Business Suite of Products, with new and exciting events, staged in addition to the planned 2020 calendar.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times yet one of the biggest threats to the UK remains; the threat of terrorism, in all its guises, and although the UK lockdown has resulted in a huge decline in activity on UK streets, online traffic has increased significantly.

Protecting Infrastructure... The security issue that cannot be ignored.

UK lockdown has seen us unite as a nation but at the same time it has opened a new network of opportunity for terrorists. Online activity has doubled since the beginning of lockdown and experts fear that this will enable radicalisation and recruitment opportunities for terrorists and, as such, increase the threat to our way of life.

Protecting our Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) is of paramount importance. In our 16 July event, we aim to create a valuable discussion, based on the CPNI’s methodology that “… defines a holistic approach to the protection of your most important or sensitive assets – as protective security measures can only be truly effective if the physical, personnel and cyber elements are considered complementary to each other during the formulation of a protective security solution.”

And now more than ever as we ease out of lockdown and the UK focuses on getting the economy moving again, industry must remain vigilant to the threat of terrorist and extremist actors, who seek to disrupt our journey back to normality.

For these reasons Counter Terror Business has developed a platform that enables us to stay connected with you and at the same time, allows our trusted Partners to do the same.

So, why should YOU attend?

It’s simple; while everyone is online, there appears no better place to discuss and focus on strategies to reduce the exposure of business and infrastructure across the UK to the threat of terrorism. A range of topics will be explored – and it happens on 16 July.

Also, because of our partnership with the Security Institute, CTB365 events are CPD-Accredited – meaning that you will earn DOUBLE CPD points for attending!

Please register for the first gathering of CT experts online to better protect your business and hear from experts covering a range of key topics.

Join us for what promises to be an informative online event of CT experts, with Peer Chat, Live Polls, Interactive Q&A and Download Centre.