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Nick Aldworth

Nick Aldworth, Director, Risk to Resolution

Director, Risk to Resolution Ltd
Nick retired from a 36-year career in policing and military service in 2019.  He finished his career as a Detective Chief Superintendent in Counter Terrorism Policing where he held the role of National Coordinator (Protect and Prepare).

He led the operational protective security responses to the London 2017 terrorist attacks and prior to that was the Chief Inspector of policing and security operations at the UK Parliament. Most of his career was spent in uniformed operations and included EOD search and VIP protection as well as leading armed response teams in London.

Nick met Figen Murray in 2018 and they quickly established a common aim of wanting to improve the legislative landscape as well as forming an enduring friendship.  Working together, Nick was able to align his knowledge of protective security needs alongside Figen’s ability to articulate the impact that terrorism has on victims, survivors and their families.  This created a compelling case for change that the government listened to and are now committed to Martyn’s Law, known formally as the Protect Duty.

As well as campaigning, Nick runs his own management consultancy, Risk to Resolution Ltd which focuses on threat and risk management across multiple themes, not just security.