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Milford – Offering Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) for Liveable Cities

Design-Led Safe Urban Spaces
We provide state-of-the art, certified solutions for aesthetic and site-specific Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)

Discreet Protection through Customised Design
Physical security is an essential part of everyday life in cities. We aim to combine this function in pursuit of creating attractive urban spaces: liveable and safe.

Our goal is to create safe urban spaces without compromising the aesthetics and creativity in design. Out innovative certified solution creates safe urban spaces – site-specific, easy to install and flexible – ensuring that public spaces in our cities live up to the highest aesthetic standards, while protecting against acts of terror.

Our products remove the need for bulky, obtrusive security barriers in public spaces – allowing urban planners and designers to creatively integrate HVM solution within their local landscape design.

Contrast Freestyle Safe – IWA Certified
With Contrast Freestyle Safe, security installations are hidden, allowing flexibility in developing local landscape designs.

UNAFOR offers a state-of-the art, site-specific and aesthetic HVM solutions for any urban design. This includes “fully crash tested street furniture, including seating, litter bins and cycles rakes”  Offering public safety solutions “hidden in plain sight”. Our products ensure that public spaces are safe without negatively affecting the existing, local urban atmosphere.