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Headline Sponsor
We are proud to fund and support the ProtectUK project. This initiative represents a substantial part of our £25 million commitment into counterterrorism research and development.

This and other partnerships and initiatives from international collaboration to innovations in coverage are at the heart of our mission: to underpin the financial implications of terrorism, and in so doing, improve the UK’s resilience if the worst should happen.

We are a unique public-private partnership, benefitting from an unlimited HM Treasury loan facility. We cover £2.2trillion of UK based assets including businesses of all sizes, from shopping centres and local traders to airports and power grids; across sectors of the economy such as real estate, retail, transport, construction and energy.

We are globally recognised as the leading experts in terrorism risk financing, and have been operating since 1993; following the withdrawal of terrorism cover by most insurers as a result of the untenable losses arising from the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Sadly, terrorism continues to provide a sinister risk, and to date we have paid claims in excess of £1.25 billion (when adjusted for inflation) in relation to 17 terrorist events. In response to the increasing complexities regarding terrorism risk, we developed Pool Re SOLUTIONS, a specialist consultancy unit created to provide Member insurers and their policyholders with a range of tools and information to better understand and mitigate the complex risk of terrorism.

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