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Visual Management Systems

ABACUS – People Counting and Visitor Occupancy Solution

ABACUS – People Counting and Visitor Occupancy Solution

ABACUS is a well-proven people counting and occupancy management solution from Visual Management Systems Ltd.  It is a highly-accurate system to record, analyse and report visitor footfall – to improve marketing planning, grow and enhance your visitors’ experience and help ensure safety.  Used in large venues including stadiums, concert halls, retail, museums, galleries and education campuses, ABACUS is quick and easy to install, operate and scale as your visitor footfall grows.  

Product highlights include:

  • Occupancy Alerts - Real-time monitoring that will alert you when your venue’s maximum safe occupancy levels are about to be reached.
  • Easy to Use Dashboards - Customisable dashboards to provide venue operators with visitor occupancy, visitor footfall, and people movement data analytics.
  • Accurate Visitor Data - Instant, easy to access configurable reports to analyse your visitor data. Highly accurate, cost-effective and proven people counting solution.

Discover more on our dedicated ABACUS website: 

Visual Management Systems Ltd based in Glasgow, UK, provides security, safety and surveillance solutions and services to customers in the UK and overseas, both directly and through OEM partnerships with other technology companies.