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Russ Phillips

Russ Phillips - Counter Terrorism and Risk Director, Crowdguard

Counter Terrorism and Risk Director, Crowdguard
Russ Phillips joined Crowdguard earlier this year following a 30-year career in the police and with an 18-year track record in counter terrorism. He was instrumental in managing the National Barrier Asset at Sussex Police; a specialist unit advising on hostile vehicle mitigation and event security and deploying HVM and perimeter protection at events of local, national, and international importance.

He spent the last five years of his policing career at the National Counter Terrorism Police HQ (NCTPHQ) as part of the National Vehicle Threat Mitigation Unit. His experience of risk assessment, risk mitigation strategy and HVM deployment includes Operation Lyceum - the Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Operation London Bridge - the death of Her Majesty the Queen, G7 and COP26, along with sporting events such as the Wimbledon Championships, the Champions’ League final in Cardiff, and the FIFA Euros 2021.

He is also the author of the counter terrorism chapter in the Purple Guide.