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Crowdguard specialises in protecting events, venues, and publicly accessible locations (PALs) from vehicle as a weapon attacks and vehicle incursions. Working collaboratively with the police, the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), security professionals, and Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSA), as well as clients from across the events, sports, and local authority sectors, the company provides a turnkey service to protect people and places from terrorism and malicious attacks.

With proven experience across the UK and internationally, Crowdguard specifies and deploys hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) and perimeter protection appropriate and proportionate to the identified risk, operational requirements and available budget for each project.

This end-to-end service, drawing on Crowdguard’s risk assessment expertise and teams of trained installation technicians, encompasses:

Plan: A risk assessment service that identifies the threat, vulnerability and risk for the specific event and location. This involves a site visit and engagement with the client and third parties to understand all relevant parameters. It also includes a vehicle dynamics assessment, which analyses the likely speed, velocity and direction of travel from hostile or errant vehicles.

Provide: Thanks to established partnerships with the most respected HVM system providers and perimeter protection specialists from around the world, Crowdguard can specify the most appropriate and proportionate temporary, semi-permanent or permanent HVM solution for the specific needs of the location, venue or event.

Protect: All Crowdguard’s installations are deployed by the company’s trained technicians and installed to strict quality assurance guidelines, with detailed photography and documentation during every project. The equipment is also de-rigged by Crowdguard technicians, aligned to the operational needs of the project.

Crowdguard is a member of the PSSA Perimeter Security Suppliers Association), the FSOA (Football Security Officers Association) and MEI (Major Events International). It has recently published a handy guide to the role of risk assessment in keeping people safer to help venues, event organisers, local authorities and those responsible for PALs to prepare for the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill (Martyn’s Law). A number of case studies, highlighting Crowdguard’s experience are also available on the company’s website.