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Philip Grindell

Philip Grindell

CEO, Defuse
Philip Grindell MSc CSyP served as a Scotland Yard Detective in the Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Command for 30 years, during which he was seconded to British Intelligence. Dubbed ‘The Online Bodyguard’ by the UK media, he was responsible for identifying the next planned attack on a British politician in 2017 and following the assassination of Jo Cox MP in 2016 set up the new protective intelligence and investigative team in the UK Parliament.

Following his MSc in Security Management and becoming a Chartered Security Professional, Philip founded Defuse in 2019 and launched The Online Bodyguard podcast in 2022. Subsequently, Philip rapidly became known as the UK thought leader in the security of high-profile figures, Protective Intelligence and Fixated Threats.

As a former Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, he was responsible for the security plans protecting numerous events with the British Royal Family, Military and Government. His boutique 'white glove' consultancy, Defuse provides security management, protective intelligence & threat management for prominent people, private family offices and organisations with security vulnerabilities, threats, unwanted attention, disputes, and problematic people.

Adopting a proven system to identify, educate and reduce risk, Defuse are global specialists in countering stalking, harassment, lone actors, hostile former employees and leavers, insider threats, activists and those that seek to harm you, your family, or your brand.