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Tony Smith CBE

Global Border Management Consultant, Fortinus Global
Tony Smith retired as Director General of the UK Border Force in 2013, after completing over 40 years’ service in the UK Home Office, serving at all at all levels ranging from Executive Officer to Director General. He has the unique distinction of having served as Head of Borders in 2 different countries – Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the UK Immigration Service / UK Border Force.

Chris Trelawny

Deputy Secretary General, INTERPORTPOLICE
Chris Trelawny was commissioned as Deputy Secretary General of INTERPORTPOLICE on 1 January 2022.  In addition to his INTERPORTPOLICE duties, in 2022 he worked with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as a consultant developing a regional maritime security strategy for Caribbean countries.

Philip Grindell

CEO, Defuse
Philip Grindell MSc CSyP served as a Scotland Yard Detective in the Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Command for 30 years, during which he was seconded to British Intelligence. Dubbed ‘The Online Bodyguard’ by the UK media, he was responsible for identifying the next planned attack on a British politician in 2017 and following the assassination of Jo Cox MP in 2016 set up the new protective intelligence and investigative team in the UK Parliament.

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